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Controlling Organized Crime Paper Essay

Organized crime is a huge problem in the United States among citizens. One organized crime group is the Mafia who has shown its strength of power and manipulation among citizens and businesses. Since the rise of the Mafia other criminal organizations have appeared using the same power to corrupt individuals within a business for the gain of monetary and political strength. This paper will identify the problems presented and the various relationships established by organized crime, a description of the legal limitations associated with combating organized crime including a critique of major federal laws and strategies that support this effort. Finally, a realistic solution will be provided to control organized crime by evaluating the effectiveness of organized crime prosecutions. Individuals living among society have been tormented by organized crime groups that work pipelines for drugs and weapons (â€Å"Unodc†, 2014). Organized crime causes corruption, threats to society, and issues financially to law-abiding citizens (â€Å"Unodc†, 2014). Every crime may not have victims if both parties are willing to cooperate. Every transaction that organized crime groups complete the public loses. This is a problem for tax-payers. Billions of dollars are lost because of organized crime groups and in the end individuals in society has to pay for it. This causes a strain on the economy. With technology developments organized crime groups receive more efficient communication across the world. These groups increased their communication which results in globalization. The various relationships these organized crime groups establish are with businesses, politics, or law enforcement officials. Organized crime groups go after individuals who are vulnerable and in high positions. Organized crime groups will seek out individuals like politicians, bankers, and law enforcement. Organized crime groups have various relationships with many people to help gain resources to receive  more profits and power. The changes with organized crime groups that have occurred over the years required modifications in police tactics. Law enforcement officials have to be more proactive. Proactive policing helps law enforcement officials discover any trends in criminal activity so strategies can be developed to combat criminal activity that occurs. According to Lyman & Potter (2007) organized crime is an organization that is made up of criminals that operate with legitimate businesses and political entities. Organized crime groups can be compared to operating off of a business like supply and demand. Organized crime groups supply people with things that are illegal such as drugs, prostitution, or money that are at high interest rates and the demands for these things are high because they are illegal in the United States. If drugs were not illegal there would not be a need for criminal organizations because anyone would be able to obtain it. Combating organized crime has its limits because the federal government cannot over step their boundary. Depending on the situation and where transactions are taking place the federal government may have to work with other government officials from other countries. Organized crime doesn’t just take place in the United States. This is a global organization that is all over. Federal government agencies such as the CIA try to gather as much information as possible to identify and assess any connections these organized crime groups may have throughout the country (â€Å"U.S. Department Of Justice†, 2008). The government tries to target any organized crime group that is a significant threat to our government and society (â€Å"U.S. Department Of Justice†, 2008). The CIA also has to work with other agencies like the FBI, customs, and others in case they are ever needed. The government has to come up with strategies to disassemble organized crime groups especially the l eadership by using proactive skills (â€Å"U.S. Department Of Justice†, 2008). According to Lyman & Potter (2007) some theories that can help with the understanding of criminal organizations are the Alien Conspiracy theory which blames outside influences and outsiders for the increase of organized crime in society. Second, the Rational Choice theory is when a person weighs the pros and cons of living a certain lifestyle; in addition they also know what the consequences of their actions are as well. Finally, the deterrence theory is one that believes that punishing a criminal can probably prevent him or her from committing the same crime again. Organized crimes are acts  carried out through the abuse of intimidation, commercial structures, media, the use of violence, or the economy. Criminal organizations work to collect money through illegal activities by instilling fear among society and being corrupted. Organized crime can be linked to many geographical locations across the world creating various relationships. Organized criminal organizations usually estab lish relationships with other groups who have common goals. These organizations link up because of the profits they can receive. Organized crime groups will never go away. Many people may think legalizing things like drugs may help solve the issue, but it won’t. If drugs were legalized organized crime groups violence may increase because they are no longer gaining as much profits like before. This may help law enforcement because they can concentrate on other criminal activities but in the end it will not solve anything. A solution to control organized crime is to have government officials began to review and investigate businesses monthly to ensure documents are in order and business is operating legitimately. If for any reason government officials have enough evidence based of investigating and details gathered that a business may be conducting illegal activity a strategy should be in place to conduct an audit to ensure the business is not involved in any illegal activity. United States government agencies should work more closely with foreign countries because organized crime groups are globalized and continue to conduct business all over the world. If government agencies are more proactive with handling organized crime groups then maybe for the future it can reduce the amount of organized crime groups committing illegal activity. Having effective crime policies will help to eliminate the amount of organized crime groups. It may help to reduce the violence associated with organized crime groups and drug trafficking. This can help minimize the grip organized crime has on society. Reference Lyman, M. D., & Potter, G. W. (2007). Organized Crime, Fourth Edition (4th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection. UNODC. (2014). Retrieved from U.S. Department of Justice. (2008). Retrieved from

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